Drone technology now allows us to offer the following solar services:

  • Roof Measurement Reports
  • Solar Asset Inspections
  • Efficiency Output Reports
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  • Damage Reports
  • Terrain Mapping Solutions
  • Efficiency Output Reports

The Process

Book a project

Once a project is booked our team will work with you to build the correct flight plan and task a pilot out to site.

Collect & Analyse

Depending on the job requirements the pilot will be equipped with the correct drone for the job to capture data-on-demand. We then take this data and begin processing it to your exact specifications.


Finally we provide you with roof measurement reports, reports identifying and assessing damage, efficiency reports and/or asset inspection reports that will ultimately increase your energy efficiencies.

What Our Clients Say

Jason Donovan

We used Aerologix to inspect our solar panels and after the first job we stopped using people to inspect. Using drones is safer, more reliable and most importantly more efficient which saves us money.

James Navy

Using Aerologix we have been able to significantly lower the cost of maintaining our solar panels whilst simultaneously increasing efficiency and safety. We now don’t ever have to send people on to roofs which is always a plus and the data we obtain is more accurate which helps us make better business decisions moving forward

Laura Jacobs

Aerologix has helped us inspect, maintain, and scale our solar operations nation-wide through the use of their extensive network of well trained and certified pilots and we could not be happier with their services!

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Contact Us


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What type of project would you like to book?

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For data on demand for your everyday essentials from roof reports to wedding shoots and everything in between
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Flight service support for enterprise based capture requirements such as LiDAR, 3D models, and Digital Twins