Project Case Study


Project Overview

At Aerologix, we understand the challenges engineers face in gathering accurate and reliable data to make informed decisions about infrastructure projects. Collaborating with Transurban on a tunnel project, integrating drone technology transformed the inspection process, resulting in improved efficiency, enhanced safety, and valuable data insights.

The primary objective of the project was to assess the internal condition of the tunnelโ€™s smoke duct, which required meticulous inspection and data collection. Traditional inspection methods were time-consuming, risky, and required tunnel closures, causing disruptions to traffic flow and inconveniencing commuters.

An enterprise pilot deployed the Elios 3 drone which revolutionized the tunnel inspection process compared to traditional methods . The Elios 3 offered numerous advantages, including increased efficiency, enhanced safety, and comprehensive data capture capabilities.

Aerologixโ€™s utilization of the Elios 3 drone yielded significant benefits and results:
  • Reduced inspection time by 3 hours compared to traditional methods, minimizing tunnel closure and optimizing traffic flow.
  • Enhanced safety by eliminating the need for human inspectors in hazardous environments.
  • Comprehensive data insights facilitated by AI software, enabling the identification and classification of defects such as debris and sign damage.

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