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Rhomberg Sersa

Project Overview

At Aerologix, we understand the challenges engineers face in gathering accurate and reliable data to make informed decisions about infrastructure projects. Weโ€™re committed to providing engineers with the precision data they need to make informed decisions about infrastructure projects.

Our commitment to precision and accuracy is why RKR Engineering chose Aerologix to assist with their project with Sydney Trains in providing LIDAR data for the proposed design solution to the Heathcote Road Overbridge in Holsworthy, NSW. This critical infrastructure project spanned two tracks of the East Hills Line (26.294 km) and demanded the highest level of data collection expertise.

This was achieved via the Aerologix pilot using an L1 LiDAR sensor to create a digital twin of the overbridge. A point cloud was created, and software was then used to process the point cloud data and create a 3D model of the bridge. Digital twins enable key insight into structural analysis, maintenance planning, and visualisation. It provides a highly accurate representation of the bridgeโ€™s geometry, which can help engineers and maintenance personnel to identify potential issues.

One of the key solutions being implemented is the installation of new precast lateral restraint blocks to address girder 3โ€™s contact with the existing lateral restraints.

Our high-quality data collection and analysis will enable RKR Engineering to make informed decisions about the installation process and ensure the solution is implemented effectively.

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