Drone Footage Competition

'Above Down Under'

Win up to $7000 in cash prizes, royalties and a special invite to the Australian Aviation Awards*

Mar 28, 2022 – Jun 19, 2022

Theme 6: LandmarksOngoing

Jun 6 , 2022 - Jun 19, 2022

Theme 5: Free For AllEntries Closed

May 9, 2022 - May 22, 2022


Theme 1

Mar 28-Apr 10 , 2022


Theme 2

Apr 11-Apr 24 , 2022


Theme 3

Apr 25 -May 8 , 2022


Theme 4

May 9-May 22 , 2022


Theme 5

May 23-Jun 5 , 2022


Theme 6

Jun 6-Jun 19 , 2022



Win $2500 cash


Special invite to the Australian Aviation Awards



Win $1500 cash


Special invite to the Australian Aviation Awards



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Tom Caska

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Tom Caska

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Tom Caska


Alex Kavanagh

Founder/Creative Director of @Dronegear.

Sam Evans

Filmmaker, Drone Pilot, Photographer and Content Creator.

Fabio Fabreezy

Renowned Australian FPV pilot.

Rob Mulally

Drone pilot and Content creator/influencer.

Trystin Sinnott

Filmmaker, Photographer, Drone Pilot and 3D artist.

Danny Elassad

Chief Remote Pilot @hoverscape and host of the @dronesdownunder podcast.

Tom Caska

Tom Caska

Tom Caska

Competition FAQs

The competition has no entry fee. It is absolutely free.

Yes. Only original footage shot using a Drone is accepted.

Footage is video which is ideally 30 – 45 seconds in length. Clips which are more than 2 mins in length are not accepted for the competition.

Any one who’s an Australian resident with an ARN and a drone can participate.

Create an account at as a Pilot. Complete your profile details such as ARN, Drone License (not required for sub 2kg Drones), phone number and email id. Once your profile is completed, pleaseΒ  upload via the “Footage” tab.

You will require an ARN, a drone, a valid email and an Australian phone number. If you have a sub 2kg drone, you do not need a drone license from CASA. If your drone is heavier than 2kg you will need a license.

Fortnightly cash prize of $500 and two grand prizes of $2500 and $1500 at the end of twelve weeks selected from the fortnightly winners. This amounts to $7000 cash prizes in total. The grand prize winners also get a special invite to the Australian Aviation Awards.

The prestigious Australian Aviation Awards is an annual event to reward leadership and excellence in Aviation and Drones. Aerologix is a platinum sponsor for the event this year. We will take you along to the dinner gala and the awards event.

The fortnightly submission deadline is 11:59 pm, AEST each Sunday. For example, for the fortnight between 28th March and 10th April, the deadline is at 11:59 pm, AEST on 10th April. The deadline for submission to be considered for the grand prizes is 11:59 PM, AEST on the last day of the competition i.e. 11:59 PM, AEST on 19th June.

Fortnightly winners will be announced every second Wednesday of the following week starting with April 13th 2022 for theme one and ending on Jun 22nd 2022 for theme six. Grand prize winners will be announced on Jun 29th 2022.

Although we would like to give the feedback, it is practically not possible as each footage is judged by multiple judges and there will be thousands of entries for the competition.Β 

Criteria for judging :

The footage has to be legal, stable, clear and technically sound. Technical aspects like lighting, resolution, framing & composition are considered. In addition, the footage has to be relatable to the audience and even better, if the footage tells a story.

You own the rights on the footage. But, by uploading your footage on our website, it is deemed that you have given us the consent to ‘submit’ the footage to third party stock footage companies and share the royalty with you upon the sale of the footage. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions.Β 

As an exclusive contributor to Getty Images, Aerologix earns royalty when the footage is sold on the Getty Images platform. Aerologix then shares the royalty with you.


Please contact our team at if you have any additional questions or need help uploading your submission.

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