Capturing Excellence from New Heights: Elevate Your Vision with Our Premier Drone Services

At Aerologix, we specialise in drone services that empower businesses with advanced aerial data solutions. Our skilled operators utilise cutting-edge technology to deliver precise aerial photography, surveying, mapping, and inspection services. We pride ourselves on providing cost-effective and efficient data collection, enabling clients to make informed decisions in various industries, including construction, agriculture, and infrastructure.

Why Choose Us ?

Embrace innovation with Aerologix, your unrivaled partner in drone services. Our commitment lies in delivering excellence from the skies, offering cutting-edge solutions tailored to your unique needs. Focusing on drone mapping and land surveying, we provide precision and efficiency with our drone photogrammetry services. Dive into the captivating world of drone wedding photography, where every emotion is immortalised with cinematic flair. Choose Aerologix for a seamless blend of technology and artistry, ensuring your vision soars to new heights.


Drone services encompass a range of applications, from mapping and surveying to videography and photography, utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles for diverse tasks.

Various industries, businesses, and individuals leverage drone services for tasks such as mapping, surveillance, event coverage, and more.

Drone services offer increased efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and unique perspectives, making them invaluable for tasks ranging from data collection to capturing special moments.

Drone services include mapping, land surveying, videography, photography, and more, each tailored to specific needs across industries and personal events.

Drones find common usage in industries such as real estate, agriculture, construction, and event coverage, providing versatile solutions for varied applications.

What type of project would you like to book?

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For data on demand for your everyday essentials from roof reports to wedding shoots and everything in between
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Flight service support for enterprise based capture requirements such as LiDAR, 3D models, and Digital Twins