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Book a local drone pilot and unlock the power of drone technology with Aerologix. Save time, money, and the environment while capturing stunning aerial footage.

With access to Australia’s largest network of drone pilots, you can post your drone project in seconds – from roof inspections to aerial photography and videography.


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So what can a drone pilot do?


Amateur Sport

Roof Inspections

Engagement Proposals


Real Estate


News Coverage

Asset Inspections


Professional Sport

Construction Development


Property Inspection

Aerial Surveys

Film Production

Editing Services



Time Lapse

Thermal Imaging

Night Photography

Landscape Photography

Environmental Monitoring

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Secure Payments

When you book a local pilot, your payment is only released when the task has been fulfilled (including to your satisfaction).

Have Assurance with your Pilot’s Insurance

Aerologix pilots take to the skies licensed and insured for your project. Any necessary air space approvals and additional fees will be discussed with you directly by the pilot, so there are no surprises.
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General FAQ

Aerologix pilots have access to airspace information which allows them to remain compliant with CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) regulations (requirement of their licence), and their profile enables them to share information about the licences and training they have completed.

1. Simply go to and start putting in the details of the project.

2. Once you have created your profile, you will be able to see pilots bidding on the job and have the ability to chat with them about any further requirements

3. Once you have selected the pilot for the job, you will then make payment to the Aerologix platform, where your payment will be placed on hold, and only released to the pilot after data approval or after seven days have lapsed from completion of the project

If there are circumstances in which you are unsatisfied with the quality of the drone data, we will endeavour to improve the quality immediately and reprocess the data. If necessary, the project may be re-flown. For more support, contact

You own all right, title and interest in the Personal Information that you provide to us (“Customer Data”). You are solely responsible for the accuracy, quality, integrity, legality, reliability, and appropriateness of your Customer Data.

You grant to Aerologix, or to any third parties used by us to provide the Website/App or services and any associated software, a non-exclusive, worldwide and royalty free licence to use, copy, display, perform, distribute, disseminate, transmit, translate, edit, cache and create derivative works of Customer Data.

Aerologix or any related entities owns all right, title and interest in any data or information that we create, generate, compile, derive or produce in connection with any supply of our Website/App or services, including data and information that is:

(a) aggregate or raw or statistical relating to usage, analyses and results of the Website/App;

(b) for the purpose of optimising delivery, commercialisation and performance of our Website/App; and

(c) samples and prototypes, conclusions, techniques, know how, methods, and undocumented findings generated in the usual course of our business.

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For data on demand for your everyday essentials from roof reports to wedding shoots and everything in between
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Flight service support for enterprise based capture requirements such as LiDAR, 3D models, and Digital Twins