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Aerologix prides itself on high-quality data and stunning aerial imagery, which is why we recommend our licensed drone pilot to use drone cameras with 20 megapixels or higher. However, we provide all the tech you may need to complete a mission through our innovative apps and software, so all you need is to turn up to jobs with your drone!

The higher quality the camera you have, the more you can get paid by completing more complex assignments.



Aerologix encourages licensed drone pilots to acquire basic cover at the very least, ensuring their assets and the client’s assets are protected. While drone technology is advancing at lightning speed, anything can happen and that’s why we prioritse drone insurance partnerships. We are proud to partner with Precision Autonomy, an AON company, to provide the best licensed drone pilots insurance coverage available on the market. Get a quote now.

Verification & Training

Verification & Training

As a base requirement, all licensed drone pilots must have completed CASA’s RePL (Remote Pilot License). Much like quality equipment, the more specific verifications you acquire, the more complex and higher-paying jobs you will have access to.

Launch Into A New Aviation Career

Unprecedented times require adaptability and innovation.  Whether you’re seeking a new challenge or a new line of income, joining Australia’s largest network of licensed drone pilots will set you up for success.

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Why Join Aerologix?

There is no cost to become a drone pilot

It’s Free

No registration fee for pilots. We are always transparent.

When you become a drone pilot you will be able to work anywhere - simply update the location as you change and you are all set

Work Anywhere

Select your location radius to work in, which can be as far and wide as you wish. The broader area you choose, the more opportunities you’ll have access to. You can alter your project radius availability at any time.

Become an Aerologix pilot and work on a variety of projects

Varied Projects

Projects range from 3D modelling of assets to roof inspections, visual media, orthomosaic maps, LiDAR imaging and much, much more.

With the Aerologix app, you have the power to decide when you work

Pick Your Hours

You’re in control. Schedule work around a day job or studying.

As a drone pilot, you have the opportunity to monetise your passion

Earn Good Money

Highly skilled pilots deserve to be compensated well for their knowledge, time and trade. The more projects you complete and the higher complexity the project carries, the more you can earn.

Become an Aerologix pilot and join the biggest drone network in the country!


By joining Australia’s largest network of licensed drone pilots, you have access to industry-leading technology, applications and support.

How It Works

1. Download The Free Aerologix App

1. Download The Free Aerologix App

The Aerologix app accommodates both iOS and Android. Download the free app to kickstart your pilot journey today!

2. Sign Up

2. Sign Up

Once you have downloaded the app, follow the registration process to create an Aerologix account. Ensure you have your Aviation Reference, RePL and ABN numbers to hand, as well as some photo ID displaying your full name.

3. Let the job opportunities roll in

3. Let the job opportunities roll in

Once your account is approved, clients will begin inviting you to their projects. To increase your eligibility for projects, increase your radius!

Pilot Testimonials

Pilot FAQs

When will there be more jobs available for drone pilots?

Jobs are available all across Australia. To access these job opportunities you need to have downloaded the free Aerologix app and fully completed your registration. Keep an eye out on the app for job invitations in your area.

What jobs can I expect to do through Aerologix?

Aerologix supports jobs for every level of drone pilot around Australia. There’s a job for all skill sets, from beginner aerial photography assignments to complex 3D mapping of construction sites and agricultural land.

What drone specifications are required to become an Aerologix pilot?

Different jobs carry different requirements. The higher-spec drone you have, the more jobs will be available to you. We require a minimum of a 20-megapixel camera for more complex jobs such as surveying and mapping. Our technology requires a certain number of pixel density to render quality data which Aerologix prides itself on. However, we insist that you have a minimum of 12-megapixels for a beginner level photography assignment.

Unsure of what drone to purchase? It can be hard to find the right drone in such a competitive market full of choices. However, the DJI Mavic 2 Pro or Mavic 2 Enterprise is a great place to start. If you’re looking for a higher spec drone, we also recommend the Phantom 4 Pro V2. These drones are compatible with most jobs you may find on the Aerologix platform, including telco tower surveys.

How can I become an enterprise drone pilot?

At Aerologix, we require you to have a RePL (Remote Pilot Licence), awarded by CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority). We highly recommend that you insure yourself, which protects both you and your client. Depending on your drone, we also advise that you complete a ReOC license (Remotely piloted aircraft operators certificate), also issued by CASA.

Do I need insurance to fly and earn money with Aerologix?

Drone insurance is not critical but pilots are strongly encouraged to seek basic insurance to best protect both themselves and the clients. Head over to our partner, Precision Autonomy, to find out what insurance options are available to you.

How do I get paid for jobs?

All payments are made directly by the client into your nominated bank account(s) through our payment vendor partner, Stripe.

Are my payment details stored safely by Aerologix?

Aerologix does not handle any part of the payment process, so we do not store, record or share payments details with third parties. All payments are handled directly by our payment vendor, Stripe. We do not have access to any financial information entered into our app. Find out more about Stripe’s privacy policy here...

How can I get drone jobs through Aerologix?

To receive job offers through Aerologix, download our free app available on App Store and Google Play. Once you have downloaded the Aerologix app, proceed to create an account and wait for us to approve you. Set the area and radius you wish to offer your services in. The wider you set your radius, the more jobs you can potentially have access to.

Now that you are set up and ready to go, potential clients will see your profile and will invite you to projects based on their needs and what you offer.

How does the Aerologix Pilot Referral Program work?

Once you have signed up and created an account with Aerologix, you will receive a unique code. To find this code, head to the “More” page in the Aerologix app and select “Refer and Earn”. Copy the code and give it out to as many people as you wish! Once someone signs up with your code, you will receive $10.

Do I have to organise airspace approval myself?

No, Aerologix has a chief pilot on deck to assist you with any approvals you require to complete a job successfully.

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