Aerologix Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to our most commonly asked questions. If the answer you are looking for is not listed, please reach out to us any time, and an Aerologix team member will be happy to help!


What is Aerologix FLY?

Aerologix FLY is Aerologix’s flagship product that allows Pilots to gain access to a number of industry-leading flight automation modules such as AeroPath and AeroLive

What is AeroPath?

AeroPath is a flight automation software that enables a Pilot to programmatically fly any of the supported drone models around a telecommunications tower

What is AeroLive?

AeroLive is a drone live streaming solution from Aerologix that enables multiple Pilots to simultaneously stream high-quality video from different locations to a single command and control center

How do I access an Aerologix FLY Flight module?

You can access any Aerologix FLY flight module by purchasing a Flight Plan from the Aerologix FLY “Plans” page. Android users can purchase directly from the Android mobile application and iOS users can purchase a Plan by logging into their Aerologix or Aerologix FLY account, selecting a Plan of their choice, and completing the Purchase

What drone models are supported by Aerologix FLY?

Currently Aerologix Fly supports some of the most popular DJI drone models including the DJI Mavic series and the DJI Phantom series

Camera Conditions

Should I take any precautions with the camera prior to drone flight?

Ensure that your camera lens is clean and your Gimbal lock has been removed prior to flight

How do I extract the images captured during the AeroPath flight?

Once the AeroPath flight is completed and the drone has safely landed, you can remove the SD card from the drone and extract the required images from the SD card.

Can Aerologix also help with creating a 3D model from the images captured?

Yes, Aerologix provides services to create 3D models from the images captured only using AeroPath. Please contact for more details


Can I use AeroPath for any vertical asset/ structure?

No, AeroPath is purpose-built for Telecommunications towers

What happens if my drone runs out of battery in the middle of a Tower Scan?

If your DJI drone has a critically low battery percentage, it will automatically initiate a “Return To Home” which will cause the drone to fly back to the location where it took off from

How do I create a Flight Plan with Aerologix FLY?

Step 1 - Enter the details of the Object - Object Height, Object Length, Object Width
Step 2 - Click on the “+” button to add different flight levels (a flight level refers to a fixed altitude at which the drone will fly ad capture images around a vertical structure in an orbital pattern)
Step 3 - Click “Save Plan & Continue”
Step 4 - The drone will then automatically take off and fly to the centre of the Object
Step 5 - Confirm the centre of the object by moving the centre point of the map
Step 6 - You will notice that the “Start Flying” button becomes the “Confirm” button which you can click to commence programmatic drone flight around the Object

What are the recommended flight conditions to perform an AeroPath flight?

The ideal conditions to perform an AeroPath flight are:

Ensure sufficient sunlight in order to maintain the visibility of your drone as well as ensure that the images captured during the flight can be used to generate 3D models

Flight is always maintained within Line of Sight

Avoid windy conditions above 15mph

Avoid performing a flight during rainfall, snowfall or extreme weather conditions

What’s a pre-flight checklist? Is it mandatory?

A pre-flight checklist is a quick safety checklist of items that are required in order for the drone to interpret and carry out an AeroPath flight. The pre-flight checklist is not mandatory but strongly advised before commencing any AeroPath flight.

Why is Aerologix FLY not connecting to my DJI drone?

Connecting through a cable (DJI Mavic, DJI Phantom series):

Ensure that there are no DJI or drone flight applications running in the background of your device. If you find any active applications, close them

If you have configured DJI applications to automatically open when you connect the remote controller, you will have to change your default to Aerologix FLY

Start your drone and remote controller and ensure that they are connected

Connect your remote controller to your mobile device and choose Aerologix FLY when you’re prompted which app to launch

Connecting through WiFi (DJI Phantom Series):

Ensure that there are no DJI or drone flight applications running in the background of your device. If you find any active applications, close them

Force stop all DJI applications to prevent them from running in the background (this is a mandatory step)

Start your drone and remote controller

Connect to the WiFi network of the drone through your mobile device

Launch the Aerologix FLY application

What happens if I lose control of the drone mid-flight?

If you lose connection with the drone mid-flight or in the middle of an AeroPath mission, the drone will initiate an auto Return To Home (RTH) and return to the location of drone take off.

Can I override AeroPath mid-flight in order to steer the drone in a particular direction?

Yes, even if you have commenced an AeroPath Flight and the drone is mid-flight, you can override the Flight at any point in time using the flight controls of the remote controller.

Once you have overridden AeroPath, the drone will no longer be able to continue on the AeroPath designated flight path and you will be required to restart the Flight

What type of project would you like to book?

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For data on demand for your everyday essentials from roof reports to wedding shoots and everything in between
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Flight service support for enterprise based capture requirements such as LiDAR, 3D models, and Digital Twins