Your gateway to accessing Aerologix’s proprietary technology Aeropath, an automated flight path solution service for inspecting vertical asset structures

Who Is It For?

In creating Aeropath, we understand the time and money required to train drone pilots, which is why we aim to give you peace of mind when inspecting vertical assets – think of us as a flight instructor in your pocket. 

For drone pilots, it offers flexibility in access via a plan licence model from one to twelve months, depending on your needs. 

For Enterprise clients, we understand that when managing an in-house drone fleet, the cost of training can be extensive, so Aeropath provides a unique solution customised to your individual business needs.

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How AerologixFly Works...

For Pilots and Drone Service Businesses

Drone Service Businesses

Are you a drone service business looking to capture multiple vertical assets? Automate this process, get in contact with us for deal.


Need a solution to capture vertical assets? It’s easy to subscribe to a monthly plan.

Countries not available

Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria.

Think of us as a flight instructor in your pocket...

The use of drones for asset inspection and property valuation is fast becoming a preferred method within many industries due to achieving cost efficiencies. 

Drone Types Supported

Please contact Aerologix to discuss other supported drone types not listed above before purchasing a plan

Mavic 2 Zoom

Mavic Pro

Phantom 4 Pro

Phantom 4 Pro v1

Phantom 4 Pro v2

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Contact Aerologix at to discuss your requirements for your existing drone fleet. Currently not available to drone pilots located in Australia unless they are working within an enterprise contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

AerologixFly is Aerologix’s flagship product that allows pilots to gain access to several industry-leading flight automation modules such as AeroPath and AeroLive

AeroPath is a flight automation software that enables a pilot to programmatically fly any of the supported drone models around a telecommunications tower.

You can access any AerologixFly flight module by purchasing a flight plan from the AerologixFly “plans” page. Android users can purchase directly from the Android mobile application, and iOS users can purchase a plan by logging into their Aerologix or AerologixFly account, selecting a plan of their choice. 

Currently AerologixFly supports some of the most popular DJI drone models including the DJI Mavic series and the DJI Phantom series.

For additional FAQs, visit here.   To view AerologixFly T&Cs visit here.   

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