Your gateway to accessing Aerologix’s proprietary technology Aeropath, an automated flight path solution service for inspecting vertical asset structures

Who Is It For?

In creating Aeropath, we understand the time and money required to train drone pilots, which is why we aim to give you peace of mind when inspecting vertical assets – think of us as a flight instructor in your pocket. 

For drone pilots, it offers flexibility in access via a plan licence model from one to twelve months, depending on your needs. 

For Enterprise clients, we understand that when managing an in-house drone fleet, the cost of training can be extensive, so Aeropath provides a unique solution customised to your individual business needs.

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How AerologixFly Works...



Aeropath is available for Enterprise Customers looking for flight solutions in servicing their existing drone fleet. To speak to the Aerologix team, please contact us at


Currently available to Aerologix Enterprise drone pilots only due to operating Aeropath with existing contracts.



Aeropath is available for Enterprise Customers looking for flight solutions in servicing their existing drone fleet.


Aeropath is available to drone pilots when purchasing a plan option listed below

Countries not available

Cuba / North Korea / Russia / Syria / Iran/ Central African Republic · Democratic Republic of the Congo · Eritrea · Lebanon · Libya · Myanmar (Burma) · Somalia. Sudan. Yemen. Zimbabwe. Crimea and Sevastopol

Think of us as a flight instructor in your pocket...

The use of drones for asset inspection and property valuation is fast becoming a preferred method within many industries due to achieving cost efficiencies

Drone Types Supported

Please contact Aerologix to discuss other supported drone types not listed above before purchasing a plan

Mavic 2 Zoom

Mavic Pro

Phampton 4 Pro

Phantom 4 Pro v1

Phantom 4 Pro v2

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Contact Aerologix at to discuss your requirements for your existing drone fleet.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you log into the pilot dashboard (either via mobile or web), you will see live projects in your area to which you can submit a bid via the “Open for Bidding” tab, which will give you information about the project to be then able to offer a quote to the project for client consideration (in which the client will receive multiple quotes).

Suppose you are on vacation or outside your local residence. In this case, you will be notified of available projects and can submit a bid depending on the location radius you have set (which you can adjust under your “Profile” section).

No. You must not share personal contact details with the client – all communication must be via the app. There will be penalties applicable should you choose not to operate via the terms and conditions of an Aerologix pilot utilising the commercial project function.

For data on demand for everyday essentials from roof reports to wedding shoots and everything in between. This is serviced through client-to-pilot project requests where you can bid on the available jobs.

Flight service support for enterprise-based capture requirements. These are done via the Aerologix operations team.

Aerologix supports jobs for every level of drone pilot around Australia. There’s a job for all skill sets, from beginner aerial photography assignments to complex 3D mapping of construction sites and agricultural land.

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